9 Life Lessons Your Kids Can Learn From Having A Dog

Having a dog can help them grow up to be kind, happy, and healthy people.

by BDG Studios
A kid sleeping on the floor wrapped in a burgundy blanket and a small white Maltese dog lying on its...
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Dogs teach us a lot about life, love, and loyalty — and the inherent joy of a squeaky toy — but the lessons kids can learn from having a dog may go a long way toward helping them grow up to be kind, happy, and healthy people.

The Importance of Loyalty

Anyone who’s owned a dog is familiar with their uncomplicated, unwavering devotion, the way they’re always there for you, whether it’s to play or protect or beseech you to share a bite of your food. Bring a dog and a child together, and you’ll witness the birth of a bond that will last a lifetime. Dogs inherently know how to be a good friend, and they teach us to be better friends just by existing alongside us.

The Value of Wellness

Dogs love to go for walks, chase balls, run, and jump, which will get your kiddos out for walks, running, and jumping around too. All good things! And yet, much like humans, dogs today sleep more and exercise less than their predecessors. That means their dietary needs have changed too, causing them to need a more balanced diet that blends lean proteins with nutritious fruits and vegetables to support their lifestyle. Jinx dog food is expertly formulated to support your dog’s health and wellness, offering pantry-friendly nutrition including kibble, dental chews, toppers and treats that are designed to help your dog thrive.

Sometimes it can be just as tough to find healthy food your dog likes as it is to get your kids to eat well, but you’re in luck — dog owners say their dogs love Jinx. 93% say their dog prefers Jinx over the dog food they’d been eating. More importantly, 65% said they saw health improvements in their dog after switching to Jinx. Nutrition is fundamental to your dog’s ability to enjoy life, and studies have shown that healthy dogs live an average of 2.5 years longer. The lean proteins and a patented probiotic in Jinx pet food helps ensure that your kids get as many years as possible to run and play with their furry best friend.

Becoming an Empath

Little kids aren’t exactly famous for their thoughtfulness. That’s not a knock against them — they simply haven’t yet progressed through the id phase of their psyche’s development. Having a dog, however, helps to foster empathy from a young age, because your kids will think, worry, and care about their pup in a way they haven’t thought, worried or cared about anyone or anything other than themselves before.

Being a Responsible Person

One of the major life lessons kids can learn from having a dog is the importance of keeping up with their responsibilities and honoring their commitments. This is because, no matter what’s going on in a human’s life, good or bad, dogs still require food, water, grooming, exercise, and attention. Being an active participant in caring for their dog could be the first real responsibility a child has, and the sticktoitiveness of this role will pay dividends throughout adulthood.

Appreciating Play

Play fosters imagination, creativity, problem-solving, and emotional well-being, but as humans age, we lose the impetus to play or be playful. Dogs are the living embodiment of playtime and will foster in your children a lifelong appreciation of playing, being silly, and having fun… then gobbling up nutritious Jinx dog treats and reveling in the well-earned rest that follows.

Letting Go of Grudges

Ever step on a dog’s tail accidentally? Did they hold it against you or did they keep on loving you with just as much fervor? Dogs help kids learn to say sorry, forgive, and be forgiven, life lessons that will not only make them better people, but make the world a better place too.

Giving Love When It’s Needed

Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense fear, worry, and sadness, and are always there for us when we need them most. How wonderful would it be for your kid to become that attuned to the emotions of those they love? They can learn this from having a dog.

Appreciation for the Outside World

Most dogs are fascinated by fire hydrants and mailboxes, but they also love green grass, sticks, squirrels, and everything the outdoor world has to offer. When your kids grow up with a dog, they too will spend a lot of time outside and learn to appreciate the great outdoors. Jinx makes it easy to you can spend more outdoor time with your pup instead of running around shopping. Grab it while you’re out at your local Walmart or visit and have it delivered directly to your door.

How to Seize the Day

Dogs live in the moment, without worrying about work presentations or the first day of school. We parents feel so much pressure to teach our kids the importance of planning for the future, but there’s an even more vital lesson that dogs can instill in our children: make the most of today. Live in the moment and find joy in the little things. And love, play, care, eat well, snuggle, and be loyal, every single day.