How To Know If Grade Inflation Is Impacting Your Child — And What To Do About It

Grade inflation can become a real headache if left unchecked.

by Lib Aubuchon
Shutterstock / Andrew Angelov

As hard as all of us are working to make sure our kids are prepared for future challenges, it’s always a great feeling when they get a stellar report card worth celebrating. Except when it isn’t.

Some of us are wondering if those grades genuinely reflect how our kiddos are doing in school. Believe it or not, it’s getting more common for kids to move up a grade, even if they’ve had some hiccups and may not actually be ready.

This is where Sylvan Learning really shines. And right now they’ve got a special deal on their Insight Assessment that tells you exactly where your child stands academically. The assessment helps uncover learning gaps so you can figure out if your child is actually behind and needs help, or if they are on par academically but may need some support navigating expectations.

What is grade inflation?

Ever heard of grade inflation? It's when kids get grades that might be a bit... well, generous. It sounds great in the short term, but it can be a real headache later on. The issue is that these puffed up grades make it hard for us as parents to know how our kids are really doing in school. It’s important to have an accurate picture so we know how best to support them going forward.

Some reports are showing it’s way easier to get an ‘A’ in subjects like Math than it used to be. That could mean our kids aren’t as prepared as we’d like to think. Seeing straight-As on the report card feels amazing – for us and for our kids. But what happens when those grades don't match up to the skills needed down the road? Most of us feel confident we know how our kids are doing in school. When we see good grades, we assume our kids are progressing the way they should be. If we don’t see a problem, we may wait to seek help through extra support at school or through tutoring services like Sylvan.

Sylvan: a trusted ally

Sylvan Learning has been around for almost 45 years, and they know their stuff. (Raise your hand if you remember going to Sylvan back in the day!) They’re not just about better grades; they're big on boosting confidence and sparking that “a-ha” moment when a concept clicks. And parents love that Sylvan provides a game plan to tackle grade inflation and make sure our kids are actually learning and not just coasting by.

One awesome thing Sylvan offers is their Insight Assessment. More than a fun quiz, the assessment combines techy skill assessments with personal observations and even attitude surveys. This assessment allows you to get an in-depth look at the areas where your child is doing well in school and which skills, beliefs, and behaviors may be limiting their growth. Afterward, they sit down with you for a strategy chat to go over the results and create a personalized game plan for your child.

Get the full scoop for under $50

October is the perfect time to take a close look at how your child is progressing. They’ve been back in school long enough that any struggles they’re having have probably popped up by now. So now’s the time to really get a handle on areas where they need support. That’s why Sylvan is offering their Insight Assessment for just $49 through the month of October. If you’re curious about getting a true, high-def picture of your child’s academic standing, this one’s a no-brainer. Uncovering academic gaps and a plan to get them back on track for under 50 bucks? Yes, please.

Grade inflation is a growing problem and it’s one none of us can afford to ignore. With resources like Sylvan Learning, we’ve got a partner to help navigate the challenges. With their October special, you can take that first step to make sure your child's progress is legit and that they have the tools they need to manage an increasingly complex world. Learn more at