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How To Determine When It’s Time To Ditch The Crib

Experts generally agree that your kid should transition from crib to toddler bed sometime between age 2 and 3, but the truth is that they’re probably going to tell you themselves – by appearing in your living room or bedroom one day when they’re supposed to be napping or sleeping. If they can ninja their way out of the crib without assistance, it’s time for a bed. Even if they can’t, you should consider making the move in conjunction with potty training, since it’s not really fair to tell the kid they have to get to a toilet when they gotta go and then put them behind bars every night. If you want an authoritative stamp of approval on your decision, the AAP recommends transitioning them once their crib railing is lower than their chest. No matter what, be prepared for them to experiment with their new-found freedom and move around when they’re supposed to be sleeping. Consider it a dry run for when they start driving.