A Guide to Digital Mindfulness for Families

Modern mindfulness begins with good digital habits.

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Luke Wohlgemuth for Fatherly

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Track of the quantity and quality of screen time. Then set limits.

Make the internet a tool for practicing mindfulness.

shownHeadspace’s Breathers seriesSesame Street and Headspace Monster Meditations for your younger kids.

Enforce a digital bedtime.

in the evening

Schedule regular family-wide device-free family time.

a family conversation about when and how to use devices: when should everyone disconnect? It might be every night at dinner time, so you can discuss the events of everyone’s day. It might be Sunday mornings so you have time for your weekend rituals, be it visiting church, tending to the garden, or spending quality time together in other ways.

Once you’ve established these routines it should feel natural for everyone to spend time away from their devices, but if it’s isn’t you can always use parental controls and/or a handy drawer to ensure designated device-free time stays that way.

Find positive places online.

visit the show’s websiteGoogle Arts & CultureYouTube Learning

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