The Collected Wisdom Of 8 Leading Advocates For Women And Kids Worldwide

Want your kid to change the world? Read this.

The following was produced in partnership with our friends at Johnson & Johnson.

You’d be forgiven for thinking something called the Global Moms Relay sounds like the latest Amazing Race spinoff, which you’d totally watch but probably not participate in. However, it’s not so much reality television as it is real-life impact. The Relay, presented by Johnson & Johnson and the United Nations Foundation, is a 6-week awareness and fundraising campaign for five causes that help improve the health and well-being of families worldwide: Shot@Life, Girl Up, Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and Nothing But Nets. To rally people (Hello! That’s you!) to the cause, celebrities, community leaders, experts, and parents from Her Majesty Queen Rania Of Jordan to Allan Houston shared personal stories about their wishes for children around the world. For every like, share, retweet, or comment on their posts, Johnson & Johnson pledged $1 — up to $500,000 — to one of the nonprofits. That means you didn’t have to be a boldfaced celeb to participate — just an empathetic parent who agrees with these 8 assertions from some of the campaign’s champions.

On Why You Only Get What You Give

“We’re all here to give what we have — it’s not for us, we’re really not our own. Think of how you can impact people around you. Take a step back and see how you can use your influence to make our children’s lives better.”— Allan Houston, Former NBA Player, And Fatherhood Advocate

On The Universal Truth Of Parenting

“Becoming a mom is the moment you realize that you are not as strong as you think. Suddenly, your heart lives outside of your body and your happiness becomes intertwined with the happiness of your children.” — Jennifer Lopez, Actor, Singer,Fashion Designer, Author, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian

On Raising Kids Who Pay It Forward

“I try to raise strong girls who understand that the luck of their birth holds great responsibility to make change and be a voice for those without one.” — Jenna Bush Hager


On It Taking A (Global) Village

“We have to work together. We are all human and because of that, and because of the the love we have for ourselves, we should exemplify our love towards others. We need to love our neighbors. No matter where we live in the world, we love each other, we are all neighbors.” — Reverend Thon Chol, Lost Boy Of Sudan, And Refugee Advocate

On How Parents Are Superheroes

“The superhuman mother’s instinct to get the best for your children will not be crushed: not by the brutality of war, the uncertainty of a refugee camp, the misery of waiting for a new home.” – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

“We’re all here to give what we have — it’s not for us, we’re really not our own. Think of how you can impact people around you.”

On The Most Important Role Of Family

“Family means so many different things to different walks of life. We can all be mothers, caretakers to someone. Guiding, teaching, nurturing and protecting. If a child knows love, they will have a full heart; with a full heart one can have an open mind; and with an open mind, a child can be whomever they chose. When that balance is met a child can change the world.” — Brooke Burke, Actress, Dancer, Model, And Television Personality

Brooke Burke

On The Basic Need For Safety

“Safety is the space where it is acceptable to be vulnerable; where children are invited to grow and learn. Safety is the space where curiosity is sparked and dreams are formed. Safety is the space where leaders are born and developed. Without safety, a child feels stuck, insecure, afraid and more concerned about surviving than exploring the magic of laughter.”— Nia Long, Actress

On Empowering Kids To Own Their Destiny

“It is inexcusable to accept that depending on the zip code you were born in, or the country you live in, your destiny is already predetermined by the level of access you have to health care.” — Anthony Tolliver, NBA Player