Everything You Need To Know About Raising A Strong, Confident, Empowered Daughter

Because she's the other most important woman in your life.

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There are probably a lot of women in your life, but you’re only responsible for raising one of them (or 2, or … you get it). Here are some of the best tips and ideas Fatherly has received to ensure she’s a bad ass with a healthy body image, empowered, progressive, and funny (and possibly a Nobel Prize-winner as well, although no guarantees on that one).

Nobel? No Problem

How do you raise the next Malala? Being an all-world father helps. Ziauddin Yousafzai discussed his fight for education in the developing world, teaching and learning from his daughter about courage, and empowering her to speak up. For him, that included taking on the Taliban, which you don’t have to do to raise a world-changing child, but it certainly moves you a couple notches up the list. – What’s It Like To Raise A Nobel Peace Prize Winner? Ask Malala Yousafzai’s Dad

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“Go Ask Your Father”

Psychoanalyst and author Joyce McFadden outlines why you need a stronger response for those squirmy female topics than, “Go ask your mother.” Your daughter needs you to grow up happy and confident, and that means, among other things, brushing up on your female anatomy terms. The upshot — besides a daughter who demands respect — is you’ll finally have a good explanation for your Google search history. – 3 Ways To Ensure Your Daughter Has A Healthy Body Image

Some Real Tough Cookies

Much of America’s progress towards gender equality is owed to the Girl Scouts. Not just because men and women all agree that frozen Thin Mints are a godsend, but because the Scouts produce strong, smart, confident women prepared to help overcome the remaining gender gap that cookies couldn’t bridge. Overseeing their core national curriculum is Andrea Bastiani Archibald, holder of a badass title all fathers of daughters aspire to: Chief Girl Expert. – The Girl Scouts’ Chief Girl Expert On Raising Daughters Who Lead

You, Tube, Should Watch This Viral Video, Boss

#DearDaddy from CARE Norway is the anti-viral video: A 5-minute PSA highlighting the sobering reality of major dangers girls face in a country where one-in-5 daughters experiences domestic violence. Yes, even one of the most progressive nations on earth struggles with deeply ingrained cultural misogyny. It’s much longer than the “Cats Riding Roombas” you usually distract yourself with at work. It’s also legitimately important. Just watch it. Now. – A Viral Video That You Actually Need To Watch For The Sake Of Your Daughter (Or Son)

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Daenerys Targaryen’s Reading List

She’ll always be your little princess, but some girls don’t want to be rescued. Or wear frilly hats. Outdated gender norms are disappearing, but since it’s still inappropriate for a parent to use Game Of Thrones to illustrate that idea, these 9 books that subvert antiquated fairy tale stereotypes are the perfect tools to teach your little dragon queen to take what is hers with fire and blood. – 9 Books That Empower Girls By Smashing Princess Stereotypes

Girl, You’ll Be A Ninja Soon

After watching that video, you’re probably going to want to go to bat for your daughter. But since you won’t always be there with your Louisville Slugger to help her out, you should equip your daughter with self defense skills. Or, as Black Belt Hall Of Fame member Tim Larkin would put it, teach her to kick the shit out of anyone who messes with them. – A Self Defense Pro On Teaching Girls To Kick The Crap Out Of Attackers

Hit Like A Girl

There are other great reasons to teach your daughter to punch, as Team Rubicon COO and former U.S. Navy Pilot Ken Harbaugh outlines in a heartfelt letter. Among them: nurturing her strength and curiosity, teaching her to respect nature and test her limits, and pushing her to live life to the fullest. That she can knock the crap out of anyone who tells her what a woman can or can’t do is just a happy byproduct. – Why I Taught My Daughter How To Punch

How To Raise An Asshole … Is The Title Of Her Dad’s Book

When you’re a stand-up star, you make jokes about your kid for other parents. When you’re a 10-year-old stand-up phenom like Saffron Herndon, you defend the little guy. How do you identify and cultivate your kid’s sense of humor, deal with constantly being roasted, and react when another 9-year-old comedienne moves to town and starts playing the same clubs as your daughter? Ask Saffron’s dad. – That Hilarious 10-Year-Old-Girl Who Went Viral? Her Dad’s Pretty Funny, Too

Let’s All Go To The Office

Turns out Take Your Kid To Work Day is actually called Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day — and the sons weren’t originally invited. From L’Oreal to Newman’s Own to the Clintons and more, these 9 father-daughter leadership teams and their stories of success and succession are proof that pulling your kid out of school for a day is key to helping them excel in school and beyond. – Here’s Proof That Take Your Daughter To Work Day Actually Works

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