4 Ways Your Child Could Benefit From Tutoring That Have Nothing To Do With Grades

Empowerment is the goal.

by Emily Hein
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September has come and gone — and for many kids, the excitement over school supplies and reuniting with friends has also diminished. Maybe your child is begging for more books to read, or maybe they’re complaining non-stop about long division. Regardless of what kind of student your kid is, it can be tough to understand how to help them get the support they need outside of school.

This is exactly why Sylvan Learning can be so beneficial: Sylvan’s personalized tutoring models are specifically designed to highlight students’ strengths and areas for growth. This can provide you and your child with a concrete guide to achieve their unique learning goals.

Your child could be a future rocket scientist in the making, but maybe they struggle with spelling and vocab. No matter their specific needs, Sylvan can deliver individualized tutoring that helps build self-esteem, encourages creative thinking, and strengthens their engagement and organizational skills.

Below are four key benefits to tutoring that span well beyond getting your child’s grades up. And if you’re not sure where to start, the Sylvan Insight Assessment can bring more awareness to your child’s strengths and room for growth.

Benefit 1: Building Confidence

Tutoring is not only used to find students’ areas for growth — it also allows students to identify and build on their strengths. The Sylvan Insight Assessment includes a follow-up session to discuss your child’s results, and this conversation always begins with highlighting what students are already great at. This can help build up your child’s confidence and motivate them to continue excelling in subject areas that they feel comfortable with.

The assessment also identifies areas for improvement, but these are discussed after outlining students’ strengths. This way, students feel empowered by their successes, rather than defined by their shortcomings. Regardless of where students fall academically, a confidence boost can motivate them to thrive.

Benefit 2: Inspiring Curiosity

Practically every child’s favorite question is, “but why?” So, suffice it to say that kids are naturally pretty curious. Learning about new topics or building new skills in familiar subjects encourages students to think creatively and use their imagination. This comes in handy later in life, whether they’re choosing their college major or coming up with their own business plan.

With a Sylvan tutor, students can receive personalized support on topics they already find intriguing. This can extend their goals beyond passing school tests and encourage them to take a true interest in their favorite topics, teaching them that curiosity doesn’t have to stop when the final bell rings.

Benefit 3: Teaching Organizational Skills

No matter what your child will grow up to do, organization will help them to achieve it. Regular tutoring teaches children about crucial organizational skills, like time management and attentiveness. Plus, if these are areas that your child does not naturally succeed in, they will have a safe space in Sylvan to practice these skills outside of the classroom without judgement.

Every student learns differently, so organizational methods that work for one child may not work for another. Sylvan’s individualized tutoring leaves room for students to build on their specific strengths, developing a study plan that’s uniquely designed for their success.

Benefit 4: Increasing Engagement

There are many reasons why a child may not feel engaged in school: There could be a lack of understanding that they’re afraid to voice, they may have a shaky rapport with their teacher, or they’re succeeding so much in school that they’ve grown beyond what the curriculum is offering. Whatever the reason, tutoring lets kids re-engage with learning by meeting them where they are. When their education is tailored to their needs, they’re more likely to actively participate.

Sylvan’s tutors deliver personalized education to children, so students feel comfortable moving at their own pace. This eliminates the pressure to move through curriculum at the same rate as other students, allowing your child to feel more in control of their education.

No matter what the needs of your child are, Sylvan’s personlized tutoring is designed to challenge, inspire, and empower them to become more confident and skilled learners. And if you’re not sure where to start, The Sylvan Insight Assessment can provide you with unique insights regarding your child’s strengths and areas of improvement. The assessment is $49 for October only, and you can learn more about it here.