4 Reasons The Latest MAGNA-TILES Set Keeps Kids Entertained And Playtime Rolling For Hours

When a dad thinks about investing in a new toy or activity for his kid, he’s going to consider two questions: “Will my kid play with this for more than 5 minutes?” and “Will this toy last for more than 5 minutes?”

One brand that never disappoints on either of these fronts is MAGNA-TILES. For years, these world-renowned magnetic building sets have provided families with durably constructed toys that not only help kids ages 3 and up hone their fine motor skills, but also foster inventive and intuitive patterns of play.

Whether it's the classic construction sets or the brand new In Motion collection, MAGNA-TILES building sets offer your mini me frustration-free playtime that's versatile, imaginative, and meaningful long after your hairline has started to recede and your lower back has quit on you. These playsets are even more durable than you, Dad! Don't worry though, your kiddo will still need you to cut the crusts off their toast, refill their favorite sippy cup, and buckle them securely into the backseat, because even though the new MAGNA-TILES Downhill Duo lets kids drive their own creative playtime, they'll still need you to drive them to soccer practice!

Here are 4 more reasons MAGNA-TILES construction toys keep kids entertained and engaged in meaningful play:

Your Child Leads The Way

Get down on the floor to play with your kiddo if you’re able, and let them take the lead. Child-led play tends to be more meaningful, as it plants the seeds of problem-solving and perseverance. Inventing new ways of constructing MAGNA-TILES sets can help build self-esteem and help teach your child what they’re capable of and what makes them happy. Now including new Vehicles, Ramps, Roads, and the first-ever fully-magnetic Figures, Downhill Duo is the most imaginative building set yet from the MAGNA-TILES brand. It’ll have your child reaching, pushing, pulling, bending, balancing, and coordinating — stretching those fine-motor skills as they — literally — drive their playtime in exciting new directions.

Limitless Creative Potential

You may lament the time you have to spend in a car commuting, but there’s nary a child in America who doesn’t yearn for the roar of an engine and the feeling of upward mobility a set of wheels can give them. Vehicles represent freedom, limitless possibility, and exploration. Downhill Duo gives children the freedom to create not only an exciting side-by-side downhill racing track, but also a course with undulating hills that mirrors the pleasure of a weekend road trip through the countryside. Hey, building MAGNA-TILES Downhill Duo with your child may just inspire your next family vacation!

Compatibility For Days

Add the new Downhill Duo set to the MAGNA-TILES playsets your child already has and adores, and watch them put themselves in the driver’s seat, adding structures around their tracks and pretending to guide their vehicles and figures through a drive-thru for a morning coffee just like you! This is one of the coolest features of MAGNA-TILES products — the sets are all compatible with each other, so the possibilities for alternate configurations with these ingenious magnetic toys are limited only by your child’s imagination.

Non-Toxic & Built To Last

Other toys may break, wear out, or just plain lose their appeal. MAGNA-TILES pieces are built to last and withstand hours upon hours of creative playtime. The signature lattice design prevents cracking, and fastening rivets keep magnets safe and secure inside the durable plastic casing. They’re also safe and non-toxic, free from BPAs, phthalates, and latex. Plus, all purchases from the MAGNA-TILES website are backed by an industry-best, 1-year limited warranty.

There are a lot of ways you'll invest in your kid, from piano lessons to swim classes to coaching soccer matches on rainy weeknights. MAGNA-TILES building sets are one more investment in your child’s development and happiness you’ll always feel good about — a foolproof source of screen-free fun your child can have playing on their own, with siblings or friends, or, best of all, while hanging out with their dad.