Wiz Kalifa Got Dad-Shamed For Letting His Kid Ride the Bus to School

The criticism is totally bogus and the rapper was quick to defend his parenting in a follow-up video.

by Raz Robinson
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@wizkhalifa Instagram

A lot of the time, when rich parents are shamed by other people it’s for doing something so bougie that a normal person can’t help but be annoyed. But in the case of rapper Wiz Khalifa, people were shaming him for something rather strange: letting his kid take the school bus on his first day of kindergarten.

When Wiz posted a picture of his son Sebastian waiting for the bus to school on his first day of kindergarten, the father of one had his hand up for a high five and was looking super proud. Wiz even made a point to note that Sebastian “RODE THE BUS AND ERE THANG!” But, it didn’t take long for commenters to chime in with remarks about how the rapper has too much money to let his kid ride the bus.

“Rode the bus..? Take your kid to school wtf,” wrote one commenter while another chimed in to sarcastically ask “ Father of the year?” before chiding Wiz for not picking up his son from school even though the picture was clearly taken in the morning before school even started. This is obviously nobody else’s business, so Wiz wasted very little time clapping back at those dad-shaming him by posting a follow-up video on Instagram.

“To all y’all people asking why I would let me son ride the bus because I’m rich — being rich don’t got nothing to do with a child experiences,” he says in the clip. “He said he wanted to ride the bus with his friends, so let kids do what they want to do. Chill!,” He said in the video.

This is just more evidence that as a parent, trolls will always find ways to criticize the way you’re raising your kid. All Wiz did was allow his son’s first day of school to be about what his son wanted, yet some people still felt the need to call him out.

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