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Watch This Kid Make An End Run Around The Grocery Store’s Hard-To-Find Restroom


Before you judge this kid in Russia who was caught on a supermarket security camera casually shaking a deuce from his shorts in the middle of the store, ask yourself: Do you know how to find the restroom at Whole Foods? Of course you don’t, but you probably don’t have the moves to take matters into your own hands. Or, more accurately, your own pants leg.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej7328jrPog expand=1]

The kid’s stealth is rewarding enough, but the real payoff comes moments later when a shopper discovers the mistake in the most unfortunate manner possible. A “Cleanup in Aisle 2!” joke would be easy enough right here, but that doesn’t do justice to the degree of difficulty involved. Any kid can be potty trained, but being able to slip a poop out of your pants in the middle of a grocery store without anyone noticing? That’s just pure talent.



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