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Watch the Apple TV+ Trailer For Bryce Dallas Howard’s ‘DADS’ Documentary

It's heartfelt and hilarious documentary, starring famous dads, and normal dads just like you.

Did you like Bryce Dallas Howard’s episode of The Mandalorian? Well, the documentary DADS is nothing like that, but her fantastic directorial instincts are just as great in this documentary as they were in The Mandalorian. In other words, if you weren’t a Bryce Dallas Howard fan before, you should be one now.

Today, Apple TV dropped a trailer for a new documentary just called DADS. We’ve seen this documentary, so we can tell you in advance, it’s 100 percent worth your time. Basically, the documentary blends together the stories of everyday dads from a variety of backgrounds, throws in some commentary from famous dads — like Kennan Thompson, Judd Apatow, and Patton Oswalt — and also gives you a sense of what Ron Howard was like as a dad to Bryce Dallas Howard. It’s a heartfelt documentary, and we dare you to watch it without getting a little bit emotional.

The movie drops next week, right before Father’s Day, and you can watch it on Apple TV+. If you were wondering about getting Apple TV+, now is not a terrible time to snag it: Apple is offering most memberships free for one year. 

DADS hits Apple TV+ on Friday, June 19.