Watch a Little Boy React Very Poorly to the News That He’s Going to Have Another Sister

Can't always get what you want, but if you try, you just might end up with another sister anyway.

by Raz Robinson

Kids aren’t exactly the best at hiding their feelings. Okay, they’re pretty transparent about them all. Case in point: the 6-year-old boy who finds out his mom is having another baby girl during a gender reveal party. Surrounded on all sides already by sisters, the young buy is hilariously incapable of masking the devastation he so obviously feels. Hell, the video should be set to the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Casey family, who live in California, hosted a tennis-themed sex reveal celebration at a local court in Newport Beach. Dad found out about the sex of his child by tossing up a special tennis ball and swatting it with his racquet. As soon as the ball exploded into a plume of pink smoke, the camera pans to the family where 6-year-old Casey is far less than excited about the news. Jack could be seen peering away from the court as his look of anticipation faded into absolute despondency

Jack’s mother Kate, knowing how her son felt, put her arm around him and told ABC News that she began to “cry out of concern for his feelings.”

“I kept the answer in an envelope for weeks,” she continued. “I had some trepidation before the reveal knowing all the kids guessed the baby would be a brother. Jack was really eager to have a little brother since he often complains there are so many girls in our house.”

Fortunately, Jack began to come around to the idea of having another sister. According to Kate, his mood lightened when she reminded him that another girl meant more one-on-one time with dad. And perhaps Jack will have better luck next time. While there’s technically a 50-50 chance that any baby will be a boy or a girl, more boys are born every year, and there’s some research suggesting that nutrition, wealth, and location can all be determining factors of a baby’s sex.