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Bronny James and Zaire Wade Recreated Their Dads’ Signature Alley-Oop

The pair will be high school teammates this fall.


LeBron James and Dwayne Wade’s sons are clearly following in their fathers’ footsteps. James’ 14-year-old son Bronny and Wade’s 17-year-old son Zaire will both be attending Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles this coming fall and are already shaping up to be a dynamic duo.

In a recent practice video, the teens are proving themselves as a match for their fathers’ Miami Heat legacy. The clip shows the boys teaming up to execute an impressive dunk, which will certainly remind NBA fans of what their dads used to do when they played together. If their work is any indication of what we can expect from them during basketball season, fans are in for a treat.

Last month, ESPN reported that James’ two sons (Bronny and 11-year-old Bryce) will be transferring from the Crossroads School in Santa Monica to Sierra Canyon School, where Wayne’s son Zaire is also said to attend. Though Wade is an incoming senior while James will be a freshman, the pair have grown up together and have clearly built up a great relationship on and off the court. And while a high school freshman wouldn’t normally get a whole lot of playing time, we’d venture to bet that James will get plenty of opportunities on the court. It’s also probably safe to assume that the basketball games at Sierra Canyon are far more exciting than your typical high school sporting event – especially because the boys’ famous fathers will more than likely show up to support.

It’s clear that the boys both have a bright future ahead of them, and surely, their dads are bursting with at the seams with pride.