TikTok Video of Amazing Remote Kindergarten Teacher Goes Viral

‘Mr. P’ is the best.

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo

Being a teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic is hard. But, as one viral

TikTok shows, there are still ways to make the job fun even when you’re a remote early education teacher. A TikToker named Megan, or @meganboese, posted a video compilation of her boyfriend, an early education teacher lovingly known as “Mr. P” to his Zoom class, as he teaches remote sessions, and he seems to be living his best life — and his students seem to be living their best lives, as well.The heartwarming and adorable compilation videos, shared in two different parts (because the people of TikTok probably demanded a second!), proves that teachers and kids can still learn and have fun with it, even during the COVID-19 pandemic when many schools have shifted to virtual learning. In the first video, which Megan posted three days ago and captioned, “he rlly loves his job,” Mr. P energetically conducts a “morning show” with his students using a foam finger as a makeshift microphone to help his students learn their ABCs, and he encourages them to make holiday drawings and even holds up a colorful Grinch that he himself drew.

In the encore video, Mr. P has put up a kid-friendly calendar and decor in his virtual classroom and is even more lively as he teaches the kids how to dance to a holiday song and congratulates a student who excitedly tells Mr. P that the dentist pulled out two baby teeth. Megan captioned the video, which was posted just a day ago, “he was too excited this morning & his voice cracked,” which was true, his voice did crack a bit when he was doing his “morning show.” That’s a testament to how committed he is to his students, and, well, to the anchor bit. The videos have gone viral for good reason. It’s clear just how much Mr. P loves his work, and how much his young students seem to appreciate having such an enthusiastic mentor on their side — one kid even drew a picture of them together, which we can probably assume a parent mailed to Mr. P and he has it hanging up on his fridge right now. Every kid and parent wants a teacher like this in their lives, and it looks like these kids recognize how awesome theirs is.