Viral Halloween Candy-Firing Gun Is Sadly Not Real

This somehow qualifies as both trick and treat.

Adam The Creator/Facebook

As the calendar turns to October, a particularly clever and particularly topical Photoshop job is going viral. The image shows a guy, safely clad in a face mask and face shield, aiming a Nerf gun (for what it’s worth a red Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K). But instead of foam darts or ball, this particular weapon fires fun-size candy, a standard assortment of which — Crunch Bars, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way— can be seen in the world’s most delicious toy weapon.

If this thing was real, it would actually be a great thing to have in 2020. It’s easy to maintain social distancing with trick-or-treaters if you can stand ten feet away and fire York Peppermint Patties into their pillowcases and plastic pumpkins. And what better way is there to respond to the doorbell and “Trick or Treat!” than by cocking your plastic weapon before spraying the neighborhood children with Starburst.

We can thank Adam Padalla, better known as Adam the Creator for, well, creating the image. It’s the kind of thing that, when it pops up in between news stories about continued spikes in COVID-19 and rantings from unhinged family and friends on Facebook about how Joe Biden is a secret communist, provides a rare chance to crack a grin.