This Dad Fooled Everyone With a Hilarious Gender Reveal Fake-Out

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by Amanda Tarlton
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Gender Reveal Videos/Instagram

When expecting, couples typically do gender reveals before the baby is born. But one dad waited until after the birth—and faked out his whole family in this cute clip.

Shared by Gender Reveal Videos and Daniella Moneta on Instagram, the video shows the new dad walking out of the delivery room into the waiting room. There, to the cheers of family and friends, he slowly unzips his sweatshirt, revealing a blue T-shirt, implying the baby is a boy.

But a closer look reveals something different: As he pulls open the sweatshirt, the printed text on the front of the T-shirt reads, “It’s a girl.”

Mom Daniella told POPSUGAR, “I just wanted to play a little trick on our families. I knew once they saw a blue or pink shirt they would know right away if it was a boy or girl, so I figured, why not trick them a little?”

And the baby’s gender was a surprise to the couple, too. In the same interview, Daniella explained, “I made two shirts because my husband and I didn’t know what we were having either.”

The video, posted on February 10, already has over 53,000 views and nearly 5,500 likes. “I love how they got louder after finding out its a girl lol,” commented one viewer, noting that the applause and cheers grew after the dad exposed the words on his shirt.

Others praised the couple’s creativity, adding that they would be stealing the “super cute” idea for their own gender reveal. “Let’s do this with the next” one woman wrote, tagging her husband.

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