Here Are the Best Twitter Reactions to That Shocking Death on ‘Game of Thrones’

Arya's moment of triumph was one for the ages, and people had a lot to say.

Twitter / @ArianFoster

Just as we predicted, the Night King met his end on last night’s Game of Thrones. What he (and we) didn’t see coming was who would take him down. The obvious choice was Jon Snow, who first encountered the Night King at the Massacre of Hardhome.

But it was Arya Stark who ultimately put a dagger into his side in what we’re guessing will endure as one of the most memorable deaths in a series full of them.

Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions. First up, the most relatable one, which came from former NFL running back Arian Foster, who shared security camera footage of his family’s reaction. It honestly felt like looking in a mirror.

The stans came out, and the most common reactions were celebrations of Arya’s badassness, including this one from castmate Sophie Turner.

Regular fans were equally ready to celebrate Arya’s moment of glory, as she officially established herself as the baddest motherfucker in the Seven Kingdoms.

Another thing lots of people keyed in on: how Arya came out of nowhere to be the hero.

Of course, she couldn’t have made without some, uh, deficiencies on the part of the Night King’s protections.

The central role she played in this episode shows how far her character has come, and plenty of people shared this image of Arya and Bran, who seem almost bizarrely young on set in one of the earlier seasons.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Twitter the weekend Endgame came out without a Marvel meme or two.