These Popular Balance Bikes Are Currently Being Recalled

Over 11,000 units are being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

by Catherine Santino
Originally Published: 

Trek Bicycle Corporation and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have issued an official recall of Kickster balance bikes, one of their most popular items. The bike quickly became a favorite as it’s designed to help toddlers transition to a two-wheel bicycle. The Kickstersdoes not have pedals, so kids who ride them have to use their arms and legs to propel the bike forward, helping them learn to balance.

Approximately 11,560 units of the bikes are being recalled due to a faulty steer tube clamp that may break if overtightened. As a result, the handlebars could come off and cause children to fall. So far, the CPSC has received 11 reports of broken clamps and one minor injury of scrapes and bruises. The affected products are all Kickster models sold from August 2012 and April 2019 at independent bicycle stores across the U.S. as well as online at Trek Bikes and other internet retailers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission also notes that an additional 1,800 were sold in Canada. The bikes come in black, blue, red, and pink, and have “TREK” written on the crossbar. They retailed for around $170.

If parents think they own a recalled Kickster balance bike, they should immediately stop their kid from using it. Trek is offering free replacement clamps (as well as free installation) for affected bikes. After repair, the company will also provide a $20 in-store credit to be used toward a bike bell. For more information or to locate your nearest Trek retailer, you can visit Trek’s website or contact their Customer Service line at 800-373-4594.

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