Little Girl Who Loves Garbage Trucks Treats Garbage Men Like Celebrities

This is why kids are the best.

by Jordan Obey

“Faith in humanity restored.”

That’s what Irish Reddit user Wayne L posted online after his local garbagemen surprised his family with gifts for his young daughter. Knowing his daughter loved watching trash trucks pass by their home in the morning of garbage collection days, Wayne asked the garbagemen who service his home if they wouldn’t mind waving to her as they pass their house. The garbage men not only agreed but took it a step further, taking the time to stop and give Wayne’s daughter gifts. And it’s all caught in an adorable video.

In the video Wayne and his wife cheer along with their smiling daughter as she watched the garbagemen stop by their street on their usual weekly route. And then something special happened. An employee of the Greyhound Recycling Company pulled a present out of his truck and approached the house surprising the entire family.

When the family opened the front door the garbage man kneeled down and handed Wayne’s daughter some gifts, a toy garbage truck, a coloring book, and a hat with the Greyhound Recycling Company logo on it, totally making her day.

Wayne’s home video is part of a string of videos and photos in the last few years showing just how much kids are obsessed with trash trucks and their drivers. They’re so prevalent there is now basically an entire genre of social media videos consisting entirely of kids getting super emotional after meeting their waste collecting heroes.

It’s not hard to see why the videos are popular. Seeing adults make the world a little brighter to bring smiles to a kid’s face is priceless and is enough to, as Wayne said, restore faith in humanity.