Tom Brady Said It Was ‘Hard’ for Him to Accept His Son Doesn’t Love Sports

“It was hard for me. I was like, ‘What do you mean? He’s a boy.’”

by Catherine Santino
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Full-profiled Tom Brady

Any parent knows that many realities of parenthood are a far cry from expectations. In his September cover story for Men’s Health, Tom Brady opened up about navigating fatherhood with three children and learning to embrace their personalities. The Patriots quarterback revealed he struggled to accept his younger son’s disinterest in sports, which admittedly is a bit shocking given that he shares DNA with an NFL legend.

After touching on his three children’s personalities (Vivian, 6, Jack, 11, and Benjamin, 9), Brady admits that he was a bit disappointed when Benjamin wasn’t into sports. “I was like, ‘C’mon, let’s do this.’ And he was like, ‘Nope.’ And I was like, ‘What? No, do this!’” the 42-year-old said. Brady said his wife, Gisele Bündchen, helped him to realize and accept that his sons are different people. “It was hard for me,” he admits. “I was like, ‘What do you mean? He’s a boy; he should do all these things that I do.’”

Over time, Brady has learned to accept his son’s unique personality and adapt to it. “The reality is that Benny just likes different things,” he continued. “And it’s great because now I just have to go do what he wants to do. When we do that, we have the best time. He’s like, ‘OMG, Dad, you’re so funny.’ He loves joking, and I joke back.”

It’s understandable why Brady, or any father, would want his son to enjoy the same things that he does. But kids have minds of their own, and once Brady accepted that, he and his son were able to bond in a new, unexpected way. Which is pretty dang cool.

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