Toddler Has Hilarious Reaction When Her Dad Shaves His Signature Beard

She has no idea who he is.

by Amanda Tarlton
Originally Published: 
Video Break/YouTube

One Arizona toddler was very confused when her dad shaved off his beard. In an adorable video posted Tuesday, 32-year-old Jeremy Batiz reveals his new look to daughter Amelia, who doesn’t recognize him at all.

“Ever since Amelia was born, Daddy always had a beard,” wife Sofia explained of Batiz, who is a contracting officer in Tucson, Ariz. “So when it was gone she had absolutely no idea who he was … The expression she made was priceless; it was a disgusted face, like, ‘Eeew get away from me.'”

Sofia admitted that she didn’t know her husband was planning to shave off the beard either, so both mom and daughter were shocked. And while Sofia recovered quickly, 14-month-old Amelia’s suspicions lasted a bit longer.

“It took about half a day before she realized that this strange new man was actually Daddy,” said the 36-year-old mom of two. “She kept ignoring him and running over to me, my mum or my brother instead, he was a complete stranger to her for a while.”

Amelia’s shock is evident in the video as she simply stares at her dad while he tries to play with her and eventually wiggles away. “He was trying to do all the things that he always does with her, like he takes her out to get the mail with him every day, but she was suspicious,” Sofia laughed.

Fortunately, she says that her husband was finally able to win over their daughter when he read her favorite book, which “he always reads it to her in this special way, so she twigged.”

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