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Hilarious TikTok Reveals How Parents Actually Feel After Leaving Their Kids At School

This is pretty accurate.

Do you know that feeling when you finally drop your kids off at school on a Monday morning, fresh off a long weekend of parenting, 6 a.m. pancakes, and lots and lots of tears?

Well, one mom hilariously portrayed the vibes of all parents dropping off their kids at school in the morning on TikTok. The short video, which hilariously breaks down her pre-school aged kids’ expectations of how she feels after dropping them off at school in the morning, versus how she actually feels, will feel like the truth to all parents. And there is, unsurprisingly, a big difference between their expectations and reality.

While many kids probably think, and hope, that their parents will be devastated each morning when they have to leave them at school, the reality is that, while parents really love their kids, a few-hours-long reprieve to get work done and address just about one of the one million things a parent has got going on all the time is never a bad thing. 

The TikTok, posted by Keren Sadeh, shows what her kids assume she does after dropping them off: in tears, with tissues in hand, letting melancholy music soothe her shattered soul, presumably until she gets to see them again. Then, she jokingly contrasts their expectations with her reality, where she’s cheerfully jamming out to rap music in the car, just going about her day, definitely not shattered. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many parents probably have different feelings about dropping their kids off at school perhaps there’s relief about finally being able to get a break from their kids after a spring and summer of being with them 24/7, or safety concerns about surging coronavirus cases. However parents feel about school now, kids’ expectations that their parents will be in tears dropping them off each morning likely does not match the reality of many parents. And that’s OK! 

Check out the hilarious and relatable TikTok below. 


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