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This T-Ball Player Pulled Off the Greatest Bat Flip of All-Time

Completely savage.

Instagram: @j_c_a_1

There’s no crying in baseball, but are bat flips also off limits? Typically yes, but one kid is challenging the unwritten rules of the game with a single powerful swing. Twitter account theScore shared a savage (yet adorable) video of a pint-sized player throwing his bat after before his run to first base.

After the little guy hits the ball off the T, his coaches immediately encourage him to “Go, go, go!” to first base. He stumbles around a bit disoriented for a moment, then turns right towards the camera and chucks the bat at full force, seemingly right at whoever is filming. The camera even rocks a little bit at the end of the video, indicating that he hit the cameraman with his bat. The video ends before he takes off running, but it’s probably safe to assume he charged right towards it.

In professional baseball, bat flips typically are a way for players to show off a great hit, but in this case, this kid was probably just a little overwhelmed. Not only did he totally nail the initial swing, but he also had several adults yelling for him to run. Amidst all that commotion, he probably just got too excited and didn’t know how else to ditch his bat.

Either way, it’s downright impressive (and pretty darn cute) and Twitter users are showing their admiration for the player. “The kid is a pretty big deal,” one person wrote. “Best bat flip ever,” said another.

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