This Remote-Controlled Nerf Bomb Can Take Out An Entire Room

It's a weapon of mass distraction.

by Dave Baldwin
Originally Published: 
nerf bomb

It’s unclear whether watching YouTube videos on how to build Nerf bombs will attract the attention of the NSA, but this foam dart firing weapon of mass distraction is too good to pass up. YouTube user Giaco Whatever has built an epic room-clearing Nerf bomb that acts like an trip mine, blasting up to 12 foam dart in all directions. Not only that, but it can be detonated by remote control. Seriously, this thing is pretty real. We half expected to see FBI agents bust through the door in the middle of this video.

While it may be the perfect complement to your 30-shot Nerf Doomlands The Judge blaster, unfortunately, making this C02-powered IED is above the average DIY dad’s expertise ⏤ unless said dad has training in both engineering and/or bomb making. That said, watching it come together, and then go off, is good fun. And when you’re done, here are a few other fantastic Nerf mods worth checking out, including the world’s largest nerf blaster, a deadly Nerf gun that shoots razor blade darts, and the coolest kid’s Nerf armory.

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