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This R2-D2 Fridge Brings Beer To You So Your Poor Kid Won’t Have To

Tired of getting dirty looks from the dog every time you send your kid to fetch a beer? So don’t. Hire the most helpful droid in the galaxy, Star Wars‘ R2-D2, instead.

A while back, a Japanese company announced it would be releasing a “life-sized” (i.e. fictional robot’s estimated size), remote-controlled R2-D2 mini-fridge that could be putzing around your house making weird robot sounds and delivering you cold drinks while you re-watched every Star Wars movie with the kids. Despite the gadget’s obvious appeal to fans of the film franchise, 2 big questions went unanswered: First, why would a droid used to helping Jedis save the universe debase itself by working as a glorified waiter? Second, why can the thing only hold a measly 6 beers?

No answers are forthcoming, but the fridge is finally available for pre-order, with an out-of-this-galaxy price of $9,000. The only catch, it doesn’t ship outside of Japan. So, you’ll also need to hire somebody local to FedEx that bad boy across the ocean.

That said, if kids can have their Star Wars toys, why shouldn’t you have something too? Hell, you know more about Star Wars than all those little posers combined!
(Available for Pre-order)

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