This Dad Made a Parody of Billie Eilish and It’s Perfect

It's essentially one long dad joke.

by Catherine Santino
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Youtuber, known as Kirt Connor, wearing a blue shirt and headphones, in one of the scenes of his par...
Youtube/Funk Turkey

Billie Eilish is the epitome of youth culture, which makes Reddit user u/FunkTurkey’s parody of her song “Bad Guy” all the more hilarious. The video, titled “Dad Guy”, pokes fun at nearly every dad trope, from lawn-mowing to wearing the same pair of sneakers every day. The result is essentially one long, hilariously dorky dad joke, and fellow dads are, unsurprisingly, super into it.

Set to Eilish’s goth-pop beat, FunkTurkey highlights the every day, not-so-glamorous parts of dad hood. We see him plucking his overgrown nose hairs, downing an entire bag of chips, and struggling through a jog. The lyrics are equally relatable, with lines such as “You ask/ I say go ask your mom” and “Gained a couple pounds type/ eat over the sink type.”

Fellow dads on Reddit are loving the video, which now has over 594,000 views on YouTube. Upon showing the video to their daughters, users all reported similar responses. “Very well done,” one Reddit user commented. “Shared it with my 12yo daughter. She rolled her eyes.” To which FunkTurkey had the ultimate dad response: “Excellent. The song is making them roll their eyes as intended. The experiment was a complete success.”

“Shared it with my 14-year-old niece,” said another. “I got ‘that’s just really stupid’. “Yep, same with mine,” another commenter replied. “I told her I’m gonna set it up and have it bumpin’ when I pick her up from school.”

Once again, dad jokes prove to be immune to embarrassment. In fact, embarrassment seems to fuel them even further. Feel free to test this theory with your own kids.

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