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Someone Ranked Every Insane Black Friday Toy Craze

You’re probably not going to subject yourself to the Black Friday riots this year, because you’re sane and understand that companies using financial incentives to inflame the darkest elements of human consumerism is a sign of the apocalypse — but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to experience it vicariously!

Fortunately, the good folks over at Fusion have put together a list of every Christmas toy over the past 20 years that made parents lose their damn minds. Remember 1996, when Tickle Me Elmo sold out by 10 AM on Black Friday and started going on the black market for $1400? Or the next year, when Tamagotchi convinced kids they wanted a digital “pet” that was just a plastic egg with 4 pixels, and those same kids realized by the end of January that it was more fun to just let the thing die. Then, there was the Furby, which … actually, the less said about Furbies, the better.1719aeebbbd2995cdfd3170c42862375de35307afc71599ffa2c31e63ceb70d7

The full list is a GIF-tastic trip down memory lane that will definitely scratch whatever itch might pop up over the next 36 hours, which ensures that you won’t have a temporary lapse in judgement and find yourself on the wrong end of a mob that’s searching for Turboman.

: Fusion