Super Baby Ascends Parents’ DIY Climbing Wall In This Amazing Viral Video

This kid is incredible

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo

Parents generally think of their own kids in terms of superlatives: often believing (as they should!) that their child is preternaturally athletic, smart, talkative, creative, etc. Well, this video shows an adorable baby that could plausibly vie for the title of “most athletic” if such a title existed (it shouldn’t). On Twitter, Rafi Letzter posted a video of his friend’s baby scaling a climbing wall that his friends made, with almost alarming ease. In the caption, he wrote, “My friend built his kid a climbing wall to get him to stop climbing furniture and it only made the tot more powerful.” More powerful indeed!

It seems like the kid has had such a knack for climbing the family’s furniture that the parents felt so inclined to make a pretty damn good DIY climbing wall right in the middle of their living room. It’s not clear whether the family had just built the climbing wall and the video captures the baby’s first attempt at it, but one thing is for sure: the parents are flabbergasted (mom laughs, saying, “you’re nuts!”) by how good this kid is. The short 40-second video shows the baby starting from the bottom of the wall and reaching the top, only to be a little confused when the kid doesn’t know how to get down. But hey, at least there’s a soft cushion to ease the baby’s short fall down. The post has gone viral since it was posted on Monday, with nearly 40,000 likes on Twitter. Letzter later commented on the video, joking, “this is called hustling folks, look it up.” This is definitely a “powerful” baby.

Check out the video below.