Stephen King Publicly Asks ‘Sesame Street’ to Harbor Pennywise the Clown

It's one of the crazier ideas King's ever had. Or is it?

Green/Epstein Productions, Konigsberg/Sanitsky Company, Lorimar Television; Sesame Street Workshop

Stephen King has one of the most demented minds in publishing. It’s the reason he’s been able to fill thousands of best-selling pages with honest to god terror over the course of his career. But King’s latest idea is out there even for him, a mash-up of one of his most terrifying characters with an equally beloved (but diametrically opposed) body of work that people are having some strong reactions to on Twitter.

The saga began with a tweet King sent last night in which he suggested that Pennywise the clown, the villain from It, do as plenty of other celebrities have done and tape a cameo appearance on Sesame Street. That’s right. King wants a murderous clown to come to the happiest street in America. And, when you consider how scary Oscar the Grouch is, or how terrified sane parents are of Elmo, this is might make some twisted sense.

King has 5.5 million followers, and lots of them were very enthusiastic about the idea, though it seems as more for adults to watch instead of kids.

Others were less excited about the idea, even going so far as to invoke internet celebrity Smudge the cat.

Another questioned King’s very being, though it seems that the dark corners of his mind have done much more good than harm to anyone who likes a good scare every once in a while.

Some other folks took the idea even further; why stop at just Pennywise just on Sesame Street? Why not create an entire demented King kids show universe?

We can’t say we’re holding our breath waiting for Pennywise to come to Sesame Street, and we certainly would want to take a look at the episode before exposing kids to it. That being said, King’s pitch is convincing, and we’re definitely interested in seeing Elmo, Grover, and the Cookie Monster floating over Sesame Street soon.