Sisters Write Hilarious Obituary Honoring Their Late Father

"He was totally irreverent, sarcastic and dry."

by Catherine Santino

Everyone grieves in different ways, and no one way is correct. But when Thomas (Tomm) WJ Mulligan of Nashua, New Hampshire died suddenly on July 16, his two daughters knew exactly how they should honor him. 38-year-old Kim Mulligan and 33-year-old Amy Mulligan-Schiripo decided to craft an obituary after their father’s jokester spirit, and the result is as heartwarming as it is hilarious.

“He was totally irreverent, sarcastic and dry,” Kim Mulligan told Today. “He loved jokes that were ‘too soon.’ I think this obituary would fit into that category.” The obit starts off strong, with the sisters writing: “Thomas (Tomm) WJ Mulligan of Nashua has passed away at home in his recliner as he had threatened to for years.”

It goes on to poke fun some of their father’s other quirks. One paragraph says, “His love of ‘Doctor Who’ was only surpassed by his love of not wearing pants at home. He often combined these two interests.” The sisters also describe their dad as “a kid from Brooklyn who grew up to live the American Dream of marriage, a career, a house in the suburbs and two pain in the ass kids.”

Thomas Mulligan was 68 at the time of unexpected passing. The sisters told Today that they’re using their inherited sense of humor to cope with the tragedy. In place of a traditional funeral, friends and family gathered to share whiskey and tell stories about their departed loved one. “Instead of crying while we were making arrangements, we were cracking jokes,” Kim said. “Of course it doesn’t mean we aren’t incredibly sad, but it’s definitely what he would have wanted.”