Teach Your Kid to Confuse the Hell Out of Your Dog With This Simple Magic Trick

This weird disappearing trick will put your dog on edge.

by Raz Robinson
TWITTER @98PXYRochester

What’s amazing about dogs is that, like kids, you can teach them to do just about anything: Sit, roll over, go to the bathroom outside, jump through a hoop, sniff for drugs, the list goes on. Still, for all of their emotional perception and mental prowess (as far as animals go), they’re surprisingly gullible, and a new online trend called the #WhatTheFluffChallenge is putting canine naivete to hilarious use. Apparently, it only takes a bedsheet, one doorway, and some quick feet to confuse the hell out of your pup.

It goes like this. Stand in a doorway and hold a sheet between you and the dog. Raise the sheet above your head, drop it, and run left or right. While any human watching would be able to see where you went, the dog will just sit there confused as to why and how you just vanished into thin air. They are truly convinced that they are witnessing real magic with their color-blind eyes. In most videos, the dog looks confused and maybe a little sad once the human disappears, once their owner reappears it’s like you can hear them going “oh thank god,” in their heads. Seriously, this is too pure for words.