This Raunchy SNL Skit May Forever Ruin Elf on the Shelf for Parents

There are some things those elves can't unsee.

by Amanda Tarlton

The latest Saturday Night Live sketch hilariously parodies the holiday trend that parents love to hate: Elf on the Shelf. Jason Momoa made his debut as host of the show on December 8 with a skit starring Scrappy the elf, who complains that his child is doing something that he’d rather not watch.

“I want a new kid, Santa,” Scrappy tells Santa (played by Beck Bennett), when asked about Marshall, the boy he’s been watching over for 13 years. “He figured out how to do something with his body, and now he won’t stop doing it.”

Scrappy explains to the other elves (played by Melissa Villasenor and Mikey Day) that it’s “a solo act” that really can’t be defined as either naughty or nice. Since he isn’t allowed to close his eyes, he has no choice but to watch and, to make things even more uncomfortable, sometimes Marshall looks at him while he’s doing it.

Brushing it aside, Santa moves onto asking the elves what their kids want for Christmas. The first two requests are a train set and a new soccer ball—and then it’s Scrappy’s turn. According to Santa, he spelled “flashlight” wrong on his list, which Scrappy says he wishes were true and then adds that Marshall probably needs some soft socks.

Scrappy then describes some of the other not-so-great parts of puberty that the 13-year-old is going through. And before Santa leaves for his big night, the elf warns him to “make a lot of noise when you get to Marshall’s room. He’ll stop for a few seconds if he hears something.”