Rudy Giuliani Farts Hilariously. Video Goes Viral Predictably.

Donald Trump's lawyers continue to make headlines for everything but good lawyering.

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Former New York City mayor turned Donald Trump attorney was in Lansing on Tuesday to appear before the Michigan House Oversight Committee, where he spewed a bunch of hot garbage in a desperate (but lucrative) effort to overturn the results of the election. The embarrassing spectacle became even more shameful for Giuliani—who, incredibly, once had a plausible claim to the title “America’s Mayor”—when he farted loudly enough for the microphones in the room to pick up.

Do we know for sure that ’twas Rudy who dealt it? Let’s look at the video. As first pointed out by Gizmodo, the cartoonish flatulence was first heard around four hours and eleven minutes into the hearing. In a heated argument with Michigan Rep. Darrin Camilleri, who wasn’t buying what Rudy was selling, you can clearly hear the fart and see Jenna Ellis, Giuliani’s co-council, shoot him the same look you’d get from your wife if you audibly farted during your daughter’s ballet recital. It’s strong, hard evidence that Giuliani did, indeed, do the crime.

like it was a melting ice cream coneUpdate: SNL

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