Robert Downey Jr. Producing a Show Inspired by a DC Comic Is Not a Marvel Betrayal

Don't believe the hype.


Despite what you might have heard from some of the less than reputable corners of the internet, Robert Downey Jr. is not ditching Marvel for DC. That would be quite the dramatic about-face for the guy who launched the MCU, but it’s just not what’s happening. Here’s how the rumor started.

Downey and his wife Susan are producing a new series for Netflix based on Sweet Tooth, a comic book series by Jeff Lemire that happens to be published by DC. It’s the story of a hybrid animal-boy named Gus living in a post-apocalyptic world. It sounds pretty great, and it has nothing to do with Superman, Batman, or anything else in the DCEU.

And when you look at the current status of Downey’s relationship with Marvel, it’s actually pretty good. He will appear in Black Widow when it eventually makes it to theaters, so we haven’t even seen the last of him as Tony Stark despite the events of Endgame.

And it’s also looking more and more likely that Downey might return to the MCU in future films and/or TV shows. Last month, it was reported that he dropped his asking price for a potential return after Doolittle, his first big post-Endgame film, flopped.

Hollywood types work with different studios and production companies all the time, so this is a pretty normal situation no matter what the click bait merchants might have you believe. Plus, you really tink Tony would do us like that?