Reminder: Black Panther Is Streaming on Disney+

Avengers? Assembled.

by Joel Cunningham

Wakanda forever! Meaning, you can literally just stay in Wakanda forever, now that Black Panther is finally available Disney+ alongside a ton of other great content added to the streaming service this month.

The addition of the Oscar-winning blockbuster to the Disney+ roster means that the Avengers films have finally assembled and are available on-demand and in one place—almost.

Thanks to deals that predate the launch of Disney+, there are still a couple of films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that can only be streamed on Netflix—but not for long. Avengers: Infinity War will move over from the big red N on June 25, 2020 (eliminating the weird reverse cliffhanger on offer since Avengers: Endgame launched on Disney+ last November). Ant-Man and the Wasp will follow on July 29.

But where, oh where, is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Sadly, because the rights to the character (and the films Homecoming and Far from Home) are held by Sony, we won’t be seeing Tom Holland’s web-slinger on Disney+ anytime soon (though the door isn’t completely closed).

The same goes for Edward Norton’s turn in the bright green motion-capture suit in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, which is owned by Universal—but I’m guessing you don’t find that news nearly as disappointing.