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Reddit Has Suddenly Exploded With Photos of Dads Who Did Not Want Pets

These dads had a change of heart

You know a dad like this, or you’ve at least seen one on the internet, the kind of dad who adamantly refuses to have a pet and then once that cuddly fur ball is brought into the house, that pet becomes his best buddy. Sounds familiar, right? Well, the internet loves these dads, too. Reddit’s r/dadswhodidnotwantpets community saw a 98% increase in traffic this week, according to a Reddit communications staffer, and it makes sense why. 

These posts are the best. They’re wholesome and deeply relatable, highlighting the unbreakable bond between man and his dog or cat. Some of the highest-performing posts include a man reclining with three wildly adorable foster kittens, one who’s matching his polo shirt with his dog’s, a dad holding his rabbit in the palm of his hand during a road trip, and one man who told his girlfriend that he didn’t want a kitten but finally relented during quarantine, and now they’ve been spotted sweetly falling asleep on the couch. 

Posts with cuddly animals are always great, but there’s something that feels almost timely about the popularity of these pictures. As many of us are home alone, a pet can provide comfort in these uncertain times. And indeed, the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that it’s seen a 70% increase in animals in foster care compared to this time last year, according to NBC News

Check out some of the viral photos below.

He said he didn’t want me to foster because he didn’t want me to get attached. Guess who is ooey gooey over them and wants to keep all 3 now? from dadswhodidnotwantpets

"I will NOT be raising that dog" 😉 from dadswhodidnotwantpets

Dad taking the ‘rabbit we didn’t need’ to a road trip 😁 from dadswhodidnotwantpets

Boyfriend didn’t want a kitten. He relented during quarantine because he was an essential worker and I was alone by myself most days. Now they’re cuddle buddies. ❤ from dadswhodidnotwantpets