People Roasting Babies on Twitter Is the Funniest Thing You’ll Read This Week

"For people who don’t do any work, they sure do sleep a lot."

by Amanda Tarlton
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Babies seem so cute and innocent—but are they really? Apparently not, according to a viral Twitter thread where people are sharing all of the reasons they can’t stand the tiny humans. And for anyone who’s ever had the joy (or the pain) of knowing an infant, the responses are as hilarious as they are relatable.

“Let’s slander newborns. I don’t like their lil swoop hairdos,” user Charlily (@charlee_buns) posted on March 23. The tweet quickly blew up on social media, garnering nearly 76,000 likes and over 18,000 comments so far.

And the number of responses that the post received prove that there are a lot of people not on the baby bandwagon. Whether it was to comment on that often-beloved newborn smell or bring up the very true point that babies don’t really contribute anything to society, users had a lot of thoughts on the topic as the comments section turned into an infant-roasting free-for-all.

One user rants that babies are basically glorified free-loaders who are born just to take everything from their parents in the end.

Along those same lines, another user thinks that newborns are just too clingy, needing constant attention. Why can’t they take care of themselves occasionally?!

That sentiment was echoed by the user who pointed out that babies have “no hustle or ambition.”

As one person added, they seem to be unaware that life requires work and not just sleeping all day, every day.

One person brought up their poor communication skills…aka they cry over everything.

And how about their eating habits (or rather, lack thereof)? One user finds their inability to use a brand new set of teeth very irritating.

But perhaps the winner is the user who gave babies a rating based on their efficiency. Zero out of 10, of course.

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