People Are Sharing Their Cartoon Crushes on Twitter and It’s Getting Really Weird

Apparently a lot of people lusted after Jessica Rabbit, or, in some cases, actual rabbits.

Childhood is a time for watching cartoons. But, it’s also a time for sexual awakening. It’s not uncommon for these phenomena to overlap, as evidenced by the multitudes on Twitter who are gushing about their cartoon crushes. On Tuesday, comic book writer Gail Simone (she’s written some of the best Batgirl comics of the 21st century) innocently posted a question about people naming the first animated character they’ve ever had a crush on. And thus, the hashtag #1stCartoonCrush was born.

Now, as of Wednesday, thousands of people are willingly admitting to having crushes on a variety of cartoon characters, half of which are animals, and some that are Pokemon.

She was wrong about one thing: It clearly wasn’t a stupid question. In the day or so since she hit send, thousands of people have answered it, and their responses are revealing, to say the least.

Lots of people had crushes on characters whose animators, in the Betty Boop tradition, took advantage of the flexibility of the medium to draw imagined bodies that are literally impossibly attractive.

Bonus points to Tarzan, a super-muscular dude who literally just wore a loincloth throughout the movie.

Given how often children’s cartoons feature animals, we suppose it isn’t surprising that plenty of people found themselves attracted to other species.

We learned that Ryan Reynolds is not the most attractive person in the Pokémon universe.

And while we’re not here to judge, some people’s crushes were…surprising.

Lots of folks tweeted jokingly or lustfully, but a few did take the chance to express some more wholesome nostalgia.

All of this is enough to make us wonder which modern cartoon characters today’s children will be tweeting about in a decade or two.

And yeah, this is happening, so yeah, maybe Ryan Reynolds does have some staying power after all.