Is ‘Paw Patrol’ Good For Kids? One Expert Says Yes

Maybe it's not all bad...

by Amanda Tarlton
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Paw Patrol

Is there good news for parents with kids who are obsessed with Paw Patrol? Maybe. According to one expert, the popular animated series could be beneficial to your child’s development.

According to childhood development expert Maureen Healy, it’s the show’s predictability that makes kids feel safe and supported.

“There’s a little repetition, which is what drives parents crazy, but that’s also what’s really beneficial for children,” she told Romper. “In the plot, there’s always a conflict, a problem, and then it’s solved, and that helps us feel better and certainly helps children feel better.”

Healy went on to explain that the show, which is geared towards preschool-aged kids who are just beginning to learn how the world works, helps them realize that there are people who they can trust and who will take care of them.

More than that, Healy told the parenting site that “When children feel secure and they feel supported, they can feel more confident that they can overcome their fears, they can overcome a challenge, and they’ll be supported and they know there’s someone to ask for help… which is what Paw Patrol does [because] there’s always someone there to help.”

However, just because Paw Patrol can teach kids valuable lessons doesn’t mean that it’s an excuse for unlimited screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents limit TV to one hour per day for children between the ages of two and five years old.

When you do turn on the show for your kids, though, Healy recommends watching it with them and pointing out important lessons. “There are little nuggets of wisdom that you can share that we don’t even realize they’re getting… but they’re getting it,” she said during her interview with Romper.

Does this mean Paw Patrol is the greatest thing for kids? No, but perhaps the annoying show it’s all bad.

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