Paris Jackson Responds to Controversial ‘Leaving Neverland’ Doc

Her views might surprise you.

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Paris Jackson has not reacted agressively in public to Leaving Neverland, the HBO documentary that lays out a devasting case that her father Michael sexually abused young boys.

The film is framed around interviews with two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who claim that Jackson repeatedly sexually assaulted them throughout their childhoods.

Other members of Jackson’s family have come out strongly in his defense, and plenty of his fans took to Twitter to defend the late pop star.

Their protestations have not, however, prevented Jackson’s music from being banned from radio stations around the world, his music video producer from believing Robson and Safechuck, and The Simpsons brain trust from pulling a classic episode guest-starring Jackson from syndication and streaming.

Amidst this mostly negative reevaluation of her father’s legacy, Paris Jackson hasn’t had much to say beyond that she doesn’t have much to say.

She’s tweeted that it’s “not her role” to speak out about the documentary and that she’s defending her dad in her own way.

Paris has expressed support for her cousin Taj Jackson, who has called the doc a “one-sided hit job,” but she’s refrained from using such language herself.

Judging by those she’s publicly supporting, it seems highly unlikely that Paris gives any credence to the claims presented in the film. What does seem likely is that she just doesn’t feel particularly called to speak out in the way that many expect her to.

Responding to a fan, she said that her attitude about the situation, which she described as “mellow” in another tweet, is inspired by her father.

What Paris hasn’t been mellow about: accusations from tabloids that she tried to commit suicide in the wake of the documentary airing on HBO.

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