New Poll Reveals One Unexpected Thing All Trump, Biden Voters Agree On

This might be the only bipartisan opinion in America — and it's not even close

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo
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Michael Jordan during a game

A new poll from, an organization that has spent seven months tracking voters’ attitudes towards politics and COVID-19, has found some deeply surprising data. America is, no doubt, a deeply partisan nation — and it’s difficult to find just about anything that Republicans and Democrats will agree on. But NavigatorResearch found that there’s at least

one thing that Trump and Biden voters can see eye-to-eye on, and it’s actually not that surprising, once you get down to it. In fact, voters across all party lines, non-voters, people who don’t affiliate with either party and of course, traditional Republicans and Democrats all agree on one thing. What is it?Everyone in America basically agrees that Michael Jordan, is, undisputedly, the GOAT. Amid the polling on politics, COVID-19, and voting, one topic that came up is one that is nearly as old as time: Who is better? Jordan or LeBron? The project concludes, “Despite LeBron James recently winning his fourth championship, majorities of Biden and Trump voters say Jordan is the greatest player of all time, while less than one in six of each say that LeBron is the best of all time.” There you have it, folks. And it’s also worth noting that an ESPN poll from back in May found similarly that 73% of basketball fans believe that Jordan is better than LeBron. Nick Gourevitch posted the results on Twitter, writing, “In our last pre-election poll, we posed a critical question: Who is the greatest player of all time? It’s MJ over LeBron. And it’s not close. But there was bipartisan agreement!” Gourevitch clearly made his opinion on the matter known in the comments section, adding, “Some of my younger colleagues were distraught by this result.”According to the Navigator poll, just 27% of men between the ages of 18-34 prefer LeBron. Overall, of those who were polled, 60% said that Michael Jordan was the best basketball player of all time, with 12% preferring LeBron and 28% saying that they don’t know enough to say. Among presumptive Biden voters, 57% said Michael Jordan, and among Trump voters, 66% also said Jordan. That’s compared to 15% of Biden voters preferring LeBron and 8% of Trump voters who believe that LeBron is the GOAT. Well, Trump and Biden voters might disagree on a lot of things, but Michael Jordan being the best is not one of them.

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