New Dog Holiday Has Been Invented By a Little Kid: How to Celebrate

If you don't love this, you're a monster.

by Alicia Kort
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Dogs are perhaps Earth’s most wonderful creatures, so it’s only natural that they should be rewarded for being the best good boys out there with a holiday of their own. When adults didn’t take matters into their own hands for our canine companions, a 7-year-old boy did instead. His mother, Jax Goss, introduced her son’s holiday the world by posting about it on Facebook.

It’s called Wolfenoot, pronounced Wolf-a-noot according to Buzzfeed, and takes place on November 23rd. If you wish to celebrate, you should be prepared for the Spirit of the Wolf to visit your home. This Spirit will hide and leave behind gifts for you, your children and, of course, dogs. The people who treat canines kindly get better presents than those who don’t, but this gift-giver doesn’t seem to penalize people who are just kind of indifferent to animals. We aren’t sure if the Spirit of the Wolf leaves presents for cats.

On Wolfenoot, you will celebrate by eating roasted meats, because meat is a dog’s favorite food, and a cake decorated like a full moon because dogs like to howl sometimes.

Goss didn’t expect her son’s holiday to go viral. Goss received a lot of fan art for the holiday, potential Wolfenoot holiday jingles and tons of photos of dogs. She just believed she was posting a cute story about something her child came up with.

“I don’t think he entirely grasps the extent of it, to be honest,” Goss said in her interview with Buzzfeed. “I’ve started showing him some of the art and it’s made him really excited! He’s just happy that people are having fun with his idea.”

If you would like to celebrate Wolfenoot with your family this year, Goss has set up an official website to answer all of your pressing Wolfenoot questions.

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