Which Muppets Would Play Which LOTR Characters? There’s a Hashtag for That.

Fans have lots of opinions on the J.R.R. Henson mashups they'd love to see.


The Muppets have a long history of telling classic stories like A Christmas Carol, Treasure Island, The Wizard of Oz. But it’s not a real movie but a hypothetical Muppet-based retelling that has fans on Twitter making their own casting decisions.

“Which Muppet characters would play which characters in The Lord of the Rings?” is the question at the heart of #MuppetLOTR. The now-viral hashtag appears to have started with a tweet by comic book writer Gail Simone.

In that initial tweet, Simone made Kermit Bilbo and Robin the Frog, his nephew, Frodo. She said later that Fozzy would make a good Sam (or Beorn?), Gonzo’s chickens could be the Eagles, and Saruman would be played by Sam the Eagle.

Other folks at the intersection of the LOTR and Muppet fan communities promptly got into the act, some posting long lists of the entire cast they’d create given the chance. But the more interesting if less exhaustive tweets are dedicated to individual characters and include photos to make their case.

There are lots more where these came from, and if you’re someone with solid knowledge of both Muppets and Hobbits you should definitely scroll through the hashtag on Twitter.

And while the #MuppetLOTR trend is obviously recent, folks have been pondering such a crossover for a while.

Will this ever actually happen? Almost certainly not! Is it still a fun way to waste a little bit of time on a Friday? Absolutely.