Mom’s Brutal Distance Learning Cartoons Go Viral

This is just life now

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo

Sometimes, parents just need a little humor to get through the day during the pandemic. Now that the kids have gone back to school, either remotely, in-person, or using some sort of hybrid model, school during COVID-19 is basically pure chaos for a lot of families. Adrienne Hedger, a mom to two teenagers doing remote learning and a celebrated cartoonist, is capturing only slightly dramatized snapshots of life during remote education. She knows the chaos. She sees it and she captures it on paper, probably in the very little free time she has in between children maybe constantly interrupting her work or any of the number of problems that just seem to arise now. Hedger’s art, which can be viewed on her Instagram page, @adriennehedger, is so spot-on that lots of parents might be looking at the cartoons through peeked hands covering their faces, they’re so deeply relatable and hilarious.

About her process, Hedger says, “I feel like remote learning has opened a whole new portal of cartoon ideas,” adding, “I’m discovering more absurd situations every day, and I’m taking lots of notes. My hope is that I can help bring some laughter to people during this stressful time,” as per Parents. For Hedger, “We’re all struggling, and no one is doing things perfectly. By sharing our stories and laughing, we feel like we’re all in this together.” Absolutely.

Check out a few of her can’t-miss illustrations below. She gets it right with pretty much everything, from explaining the difference between how elementary school kids and high schoolers are reacting to remote learning, to the precarious technology issues that always seem to happen at the worst possible times.