Mom Goes Viral After Creating DIY Cubicles For Distance Learning

And it’s pretty genius.

by Isabella Bridie DeLeo

For many parents, the work from home life has been a real challenge. Parents have had to help teach their own kids as school has largely gone (at least partly) virtual, on top of managing their own jobs and the countless other stressors that the pandemic has caused. So any hack that actually helps parents manage their time is a good thing. And if it’s almost free? Even better! One mom, Angelina Harper, has shared a genius solution to help make sure that her three young kids stay focused on their schoolwork, and would give parents a little more peace of mind (and time to do their work). The hack? Using poster board on top of her kids’ desks to minimize distractions. Essentially, it’s a cheap way to turn a table or desk into something resembling an office cubicle.

Harper shared her family’s experience in a now viral Facebook post, talking about how she’s spent a lot of time recently thinking about how to make her family’s space a bit more conducive to productivity, and kid’s independence. She wrote, “I’ve looked and almost bought 3 new desk for the kids. I’ve thought about rearranging (again) our basement. My mind has been all over the place because 1) I will be working from home, 2) my husband is working from home and 3) THREE kids in NTI,” i.e., non-traditional instruction as PopSugar points out.

She adds, “Long(er) story short, I saw this and thought YESSSS this could work! Individual workspace, limited distractions, visuals, portable (in case we need some flexible seating from time to time) and sooo cute!” Harper has made these mini cubicles a bit more kid-friendly, with gold stickers spelling out their names on each poster board, and stocking them with tablets, calendars, and more. Her Facebook post has received a lot of traction, with nearly 4,000 “likes” at the time this article was published, with a slew of supportive parents in the comments section. Do you think this could be a useful hack for busy parents to help keep their kids on track?