This Mom Accidentally Bought Her Kids Toys That Look Exactly Like Dildos

Parenting fail.

by Amanda Tarlton
Originally Published: 
Tamra Lerum/Facebook

When Tamra Lerum stopped at Walgreens to let her son pick out some toys, she had no idea what she’d find when she got home and unwrapped them. In a hilarious—and shocking—Facebook post, the mom shared photos of what appear to be dildos disguised as children’s toys.

“Finn decided he HAD to get these bananas! They’re super squishy, and I figured whatever it has cute packaging and it’s a good sensory toy for a toddler,” Lerum wrote in the caption on May 1, with pictures of the toys both in their packages and then out of them. “The first photo is what they come in. They’re packaged super cute and appealing for kids. Then you open the package and peel them! Inside is a surprise!”

She went on to describe that her son decided to pull out the toy, which “looks like a giant dildo my 3-year-old is waving around,” while they were picking up his brother from church preschool. Embarrassed, Lerum said, “I told him NOT TO BRING IT IN!!! I yelled FINN PUT THAT AWAY!”

The mortified mom’s post already has over 105,000 likes and 59,000 shares as people can’t get over the sex toy look-alikes. But Lerum says she’s more disgusted than anything. “What sort of perv made these is what I think when I see them,” she wrote in the comments. “Of course my kids have no clue why I took them away, but I mean seriously?”

And she hopes her experience serves as a warning for other moms and dads. “I would HATE for some parent to buy them as a party favor for their kids birthday party or something,” she concluded. “Just awful…”

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