It took three nominations for Milo before they would agree to go to the Emmys.


Milo Ventimiglia Tells Jimmy Kimmel How Unimpressed His Parents Are

by Cameron LeBlanc
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Like any good son would, Milo Ventimiglia — Jess Mariano and Jack Pearson himself — wanted to celebrate and include his parents in his success. But while we’re sure they’re proud, Peter and Carol Ventimiglia haven’t seemed all that interested in publicly celebrating his success.

Last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live was taped just before and very near the premiere of The Art of Racing in the Rain, Milo’s new talking dog movie. His parents were attending, so he brought them along to his interview with Kimmel beforehand.

Kimmel immediately brought up how, when Milo received his first Emmy nomination for This Is Us in 2017, his father posted about National French Fry Day on Instagram before any kind of congratulatory message.

Ever the prepared prankster, Kimmel shared Peter’s post from earlier in the night, a picture of the dressing room from his show along with the caption “1st leg of a long night tonight.” A pattern was emerging.

Kimmel then asked if they’d be coming to the Emmys this year, prompting a similarly hilarious story from Milo, who’s been nominated for the award three times.

The first time, his mom demurred — big crowds and all — but his dad said he was holding out for the Oscars. The second time, he invited them again. His mom demurred again, and his dad said he was holding out for the Oscars…again.

I was so ready to be like ‘I would really, really like it if you came to the Emmys with me this year’ and before I even got that out both of them were like ‘Oh, we’re going, we’re going'”

So even when they finally acquiesced, they didn’t give their son the satisfaction of getting to ask them.

But Milo was cool with it, and he took the chance to appreciate both of his folks. “They birthed me,” he said, before Kimmel interrupted him.

“Well one of ’em did. The other one was busy celebrating National Tater Tots Day that day.”

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