‘The Last Dance’ Inspired a Meme That’s Taking Over the Internet

Get ready to laugh along with Michael Jordan.

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Just as the crying mask of the theatre needs a laughing mask, the Crying Jordan meme needing a Laughing Jordan meme. Now, thanks to The Last Dance, we finally have one.

Some of the best moments in the ESPN documentary about the ’90s Bulls juggernaut are when the producers hand a tablet to their subjects and record their reactions to clips of their other interviews. A clip of Gary Payton talking about how his guarding of Jordan in the 1996 NBA Finals changed the series and could have secured a win for his Supersonics against the Bulls, caused Jordan to burst out laughing.

The suggestion that anyone could have kept the 1995-96 Bulls, who went a then-NBA-record 72-10, from winning a championship is outlandish to Jordan.”I had no problem with the Glove,” he said, referring to Payton by his nickname. He’s probably right.

And just as Crying Jordan is always good for mocking your enemies’ failures, Laughing Jordan is always good for laughing at life’s absurdities.

Several Twitter users have already deployed the meme in the LeBron vs. MJ argument that won’t ever end.

And while we won’t take sides on their on-the-court performance, when it comes to the meme game Jordan definitely takes the W.

The final two episodes of The Last Dance air this Sunday starting at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.

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