Somebody Just Figured Out the Correct Order of Every Marvel Movie Scene and It’s Nuts

Ready to lose your mind?

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Sometimes, an obsession with a fictional world simply means the consumption of the same material over and over again like someone who’s read Moby Dick a dozen times or watches Clueless monthly.

The next level of fandom goes beyond consumption to creation. Fan fiction, cosplay, and debating wild theories online all fall into this category, as does the absolutely bonkers project just completed by Tony Goldmark, a podcaster and YouTube host. Goldmark put every scene — not every movie, every scene — from the 23 films that make up the MCU in order.

“Armed with a Disney+ subscription and a sudden surplus of free time, my goal was to list the exact order (or at least AN exact order) of when every scene from every movie takes place within the MCU chronology,” Goldmark explained in a blog post. He only considered the MCU movies — no ABC or Netflix shows, shorts or deleted scenes made the cut — and came up with a 118-scene list complete with descriptions and timestamps that was too big for a single tweet.

The tweet quickly went viral, and the replies became a forum for Goldman to answer the most esoteric questions about his project posed by fellow fans, things like how he treated the time-travel scenes in Endgame and the crosscutting sequence in Thor: The Dark World.

And if it wasn’t obvious, Goldmark also clarified in his post who this project is for and who it isn’t for.

“I can’t stress enough that this list is for MCU SUPERFANS *ONLY!* If there are any MCU movies you haven’t seen yet, I most emphatically recommend ignoring my list entirely and deferring to how the filmmakers wanted you to see them,” he wrote. Goldman elaborated, saying that the pacing on a hypothetical cut of scenes in this order would be bad and the story difficult to follow.

But despite his warning, the unwatchable, almost-50-hour supercut of the films looks like it’s going to become a reality. Such is the power of fandom and the internet.

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