Luke Skywalker Praises a Kid Who Refused to Fight Bullies Because It’s Not ‘The Jedi Way’

A young boy harnessed his inner Jedi when he came face to face with violent bullies.

by Jordan Obey
Full-profiled hurt boy with a swelling and bruise on his left temple who refused to fight bullies
Taken from Lizette Casanova/Facebook

A young boy named Aiden Vasquez demonstrated a level of maturity worthy of a true Jedi knight when he refused to fight back against the bullies who attacked him because, according to his mom, Lizette Casanova, “it’s not the Jedi way.” For those who are somehow unfamiliar with the Jedi, they’re the peace-keeping warriors from the popular Star Wars movies. In the 2017 film, The Last Jedi, the most famous Jedi of them all, Luke Skywalker, actually wins a fight by refusing to be violent. And now, Luke Skywalker himself — Mark Hamill — has shown his support of the brave young man.

Vasquez, who attends Two Bunch Palms primary school in California, needed hospital treatment after being brutalized but “felt it in his soul not to hit the kid back,” his mom explained. This is the second time bullies sent Vasquez to the hospital to get stitches.

Vasquez’s level of restraint in the face of violence inspired by his admiration of the Star Wars movies caught the attention of Mark Hamill, the actor who played Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy and 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“I’m astonished by his wisdom and courage [at] such a tender age,” Hamill tweeted.

In the Star Wars universe, Jedis are a part of an ancient order that abhor violence and instead seek knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of others. Peace is their highest ideal, and not raising a hand against his attackers, Vasquez felt, was in line with the Jedi’s philosophy of non-violence.

“I may be a fictional Jedi, but this boy is the real deal,” the actor’s tweet continued, “I hope he sees this message and knows how much I admire him.”

In response to the bullying happening at in his school, Two Bunch Palms headteacher Joseph Scudder said there will be an investigation into the violence. In a statement to Palm Springs Desert Sun Scudder said, “We wanted to reassure our families that the safety of our students is our number one priority.”

Vasquez’s mom plans to press charges. But no matter what happens, it’s clear Aiden is the smartest, kindest kid in the galaxy.